Is a website necessary?

Depends on your business. A website can be a valuable communication tool or it can be a distraction. Most business is done on a local level, but even if you think you're ready to start selling items online, understand the eBay's and Amazon's of the world did not become so overnight. In general, here's what I recommend:

  1. Focus on Excelling. Apply your time and effort into providing the best possible service(s) and/or product(s) you can provide. Focus on standing out from your competitors through excellence, quality, reliability, etc. and your customers will have a memorable experience. No amount of slick marketing (nor a fancy website) can compensate for shoddy or sub-par service. The best way to manage your online presence and overall brand is to make sure your customers have a great experience with your services/products.

  2. Know your audience. A common mistake is to think you must be all things to all people. All that accomplishes is to dilute your message, resources, and impact. Know your customers and why they're coming to you instead of others. Learn why others choose to go elsewhere. Then use that to inform and guide your daily efforts as you focus on your business (#1 above).

  3. Be Realistic. Some places claim they can get you listed in the top 10, even top 5 Google search results. They might... but what they don't tell you is you can do the same on your own, cheaper, while also achieving longer-lasting results. A website is nothing more than an elaborate billboard; if you provide things that people need/want (service/product information, how to reach you, where you're at, etc.) then people will find you. Network with other local businesses and you'll soon find yourself with regular traffic from your target audience (#2 above) that meaningfully impacts your bottom-line.

  4. Focus on your Business. A website should serve as a "force multiplier" while not requiring an inordinate amount of effort. Owning and maintaining a website should help your business instead of being a distraction that takes time and resources away from what is really important (serving your customers). Regardless of how attractive your website may be, or how interesting/helpful the information in it might be, the bottom-line is that if you don't take care of your customers then someone else will.

  5. If you're ready to get a website but are not sure how to proceed, READ ON to learn how to get started.

    On the other hand, I'm ready to help you if you're ready to get started. It all starts with that first phone call or email. CONTACT US TODAY!