About Me

So, you want to know who I am?

My name is Brian French, and like many kids during the early 80's, I was mesmerized with science fiction and computers. I loved playing the Atari 2600 "Santa Claus" brought one year and that was my introduction to computers. A few years later, I moved on to the Intellivision. My school acquired a few Radio Shack TRS-80 systems and I was hooked.

I joined the Marine Corps in 1986 and repeatedly found myself tinkering with computers for each unit I was assigned to (DOS, Apple and MS-Windows). By the time I left the Marine Corps in 1995, I'd served in two combat zones as an Interrogator while also completing many other *interesting* assignments. I'd also acquired a variety of skills which allowed me to efficiently complete various computer-based tasks, troubleshoot software and hardware issues, and teach others how to become "self-sufficient" with computers.

I started in the private technology sector with Concentric Network which eventually became XO Communications. On the side, I've also completed several endurance events (1987, 2010, 2011, and 2014 Marine Corps marathons, and 16 Sprint, Olympic, and half-iron length triathlons. I love cycling, science fiction BSG, anyone?), martial arts, drumming, piano, creating/maintaining websites, and much more.

Seem like a lot? I'm also a volunteer Firefighter/EMT with Tittabawassee Township. And married. And the father of four great kids. They're the reason I started working with websites and the reason I continue to do so.