What is "Code48"?

In 2002, I started a home-based business allowing me to leverage the experience I'd gained with computers and computer networks dating back to 1987 (I cut my teeth on a variety of software packages and systems, dating back to the days of "MultiMate", "WordStar", "Enable" "Harvard Graphics" and "Banyan Vines"). I eventually came-up with a unique term derived from some of the letters in my kids' names, "Zacamjo". But that only contained initials for the first three kids (#4 had not yet been born when I started the business). Eventually, I came up with "code48" thanks to my involvement with Fire/EMS. Coding is what I do with websites and my full-time job, "48" is my radio number, and running code is what you see first responders do when they're running lights and siren to an incident. So, "Code48" it is!

Located in Freeland, Michigan, Code48 is a home-based business I operate, focused on providing timely, accurate and relevant assistance for Internet, computer hardware and software, wireless networking and multimedia needs. There's no shortage of "experts" willing to recommend the latest and greatest hardware or software but when asked why that specific purchase or upgrade is the best approach, little is mentioned beyond the marketing fluff that vendors depend on to convince people that newer is better. The truth is that newer is not always better. And often your existing hardware/software doesn't need to be changed.

I'll find the right answer for you but more importantly I'll explain why it's the right answer, so you'll be able to make an informed decision and then be confident about your decision. Each request or challenge given to me is an opportunity to validate (or invalidate) your decision to entrust me with your business... it's that simple. And I'm committed to ensuring you never have a reason to look elsewhere for your Internet, computer hardware/software, wireless networking, or multimedia needs.