I'm Ready; What Now?

If you were going to create a brochure or flier, you would spend some time thinking about what you want people to see and learn. The same applies with a website.

  • A website can be as brief as one page describing who you are, what you do, where you are and how to contact you. Or it can be as comprehensive as you wish. But the important things is that those four items (WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHERE you are, HOW and WHEN to contact you) are present and prominently displayed.

  • Don't worry about how many pages are used; focus instead on what people need to know. For instance, think of how restaurants approach this. Walk into any fast-food restaurant and you'll encounter a menu prominently displayed (usually) above the cash register. That menu includes some pictures, text, and prices. Shift the example to your average sit-down restaurant and you're handed a menu with similar information. All of those details need to be thought-through in advance. Also, keep in mind that pictures are always a good thing to use as long as they accurately/effectively capture what you're wanting to portray (the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." is especially relevant here).

  • You need someone to design/create your web site for you. As a business owner, you already have enough to concern yourself with. Do you really want to spend the time necessary to learn how to create (and maintain) a website, buy (and maintain) the software and hardware that will allow you to do it, monitor activity, etc.? That's where Code48 can help, using your information, brochures, pictures, other graphics and video, and combine them to make a professional website you'll be proud of and visitors won't run-away from. Working closely with you to make sure you get what you need and want. In other words, I'll handle the geek stuff to let you operate and grow your business.

  • Once your website is up and running, there will still be maintenance that must be performed from time to time. The updates can be your website content (adding new text/pictures, removing or changing existing text/pictures) as well as the underlying technologies that provide security and allow allow your website to function. Code48 will handle it.

  • How can your customers (or potential customers) find you among the millions of websites on the Internet? Put your website address (something.com) on all your printed material (invoices, checks, business cards, etc.) on your vehicles, on your ads and anywhere else it makes sense. Do a press release and send an email announcement to all your customers. Code48 will help you get your website listed on the major search engines while also leveraging other potential channels.

  • Last but not least, email. Even if already have an email address, you should begin using something that inludes your new website address. Think about it... every time you give someone your email address, you're advertising a website. If you use Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for your email functionality, then every time you give out your email address, you're advertising Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Don't advertise someone else's service, advertise your own website! Code48 will make this happen for you.

Are you ready to get started? Code48 can't help until you CONTACT ME, so what are you waiting for?